Dental clinic in Bangalore - Experienced Pediatric Dentists.

Dental clinic in Bangalore – Experienced Pediatric Dentists. Little Pearls, Dentistry since 1992.

About Little Pearls Dental Care

Welcome to Little Pearls, a dental center established by dentists practising since 1992! Our team includes eight specialist doctors working with all the best dental infrastructure such as four fully equipped dental chairs, dental radiology rooms & four general dentists all under one roof! Our hospital free & friendly ambiance with a play area also has a pediatric dentist (kids dentist) & an Orthodontist. We serve to a clientèle that appreciates personalized and high-quality care from dentists. Similarly, we also craft different treatment plans for our patients. You and your family can receive the highest level of treatment all under one roof with state-of-the-art technology. Our doctors are here to provide the best care!

State Of The Art Advanced Dental Clinic

  • Four dental chairs, three for adults and one for kids equipped with advanced equipment such as Intra-oral cameras, dental lasers, and X-ray units. The pediatric dental chair is specially designed with a seat for Kids as well because little teeth are a big deal to our Pediatric dentists.
  • Radio visual graph displays, OPGs, with monitors make it easy for our dentists to operate. Little Pearls is one of the best dental clinics in Bangalore. State of the art CAD CAM software is most importantly used for precision during the treatment.
  • The ultrasonic instruments are handled by specialists. They all have more than decades of experience in the field of dentistry. Ultrasonic scaling is very affordable and is performed by our general dentists.

Experienced Dentists

  • Little pearls has been striving to provide the best dental care possible, with affordable & cost effective treatments since 1992.
  • We try to refine ourselves every day with 28 years of experience.
  • State of the art high quality dental care.
  • Comprehensive dental care for your entire family.
  • Eight dental specialists working under one roof.
  • In house OPG for full mouth X-ray.
  • Child-friendly ambiance with experienced kids dentists.
  • Digital records that can be accessed by our patients using Practo app.
  • High-quality sterilization using autoclaves and U.V cabinets.
  • Experienced dental staff.
PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY (Kids dentist) By Dr Neeraja Raju M.D.S – 26 years experience
Dentist, pediatric dentist, kids dentist & Orthodontist. Dental clinic in Bangalore.
Orthodontics Dr. Vani Jairaj 12 Years of experience.
Dentist, pediatric dentist, kids dentist & Orthodontist. Dental clinic in Bangalore.
TOOTH/TEETH IMPLANTS By Dr Ramkarishna T – 17 Years experience
Dentist, pediatric dentist, kids dentist & Orthodontist. Dental clinic in Bangalore.

                      ROOT CANAL TREATMENT

Dentist, pediatric dentist, kids dentist & Orthodontist. Dental clinic in Bangalore.

                           IMMEDIATE DENTURES

Orthodontist inBangalore - Advanced orthodontics clinic for braces and Invisalign.

                              PEDIATRIC ORTHODONTISTS


pediatric dentist near me in Bangalore |pediatric dentistry and kids dentist
Dr. Neeraja Raju M.D.S

Pediatric dentist / kids dentist (28 Years experience)

Dr. Ramakrishna M.D.S Oral surgeon (17 Years experience)
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Dr. Pavan M.D.S Prosthodontist
Dr Vinayak M.D.S - Periodontist & laser dentistry specialist in Bangalore
Dr. Vinayak M.D.S Periodontist
Cosmetic dentist, Teeth whitening & bleching dental veneers, teeth bonding
Dr. Sainath M.D.S Endodontist

                  COSMETIC DENTAL CARE

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Little pearls dental clinic is located in Bangalore and is equipped with state-of-the-art dental technology.

Field of expertise- Our doctors consulting at Little pearls dental clinic also cater to a clientele in Bangalore looking for even more personalized dentistry.

Pediatric dentist /kids dentist will provide the best pedodontic treatment similarly for your child. Our specialists also include.

Our dental specialists in Bangalore have 10+ years of experience in their field of work. They also consult in hospitals such as the Manipal hospital Jayanagar. Above all, few of our doctors have experience of twenty years in the field of pediatric dentistry.

Above all, hold high positions such as professors & H.O.Ds in dental colleges in Bangalore & graduates from the government dental hospital in Bangalore which is the top dental college in Karnataka.

Instant slot confirmation with no booking fee is also guaranteed by Practo.


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The study involving pedodontia is also referred to as Pediatric dentistry or Pedodontics. This is a branch in dentistry involves treating kids, teenagers, and adolescents. Pediatric dentists undergo three years of extra training to develop comprehensive practical knowledge. This is necessary for dealing with dental issues with respect to kids. Children need specialized care as their teeth differ from adult teeth. For example, kids are very anxious about visiting a doctor. As the shape, size anatomy of every tooth differs from that of an adult kids need specialized care. 

Learn more –

Oral hygiene and dental health is very important for your child’s health. There is a lot you can do care for your child’s teeth and gums from an early age, including monitoring their diet and cleaning their teeth. You should also establish brushing and flossing habits recommended by pediatric dentists, so your kid knows how to care for their teeth. Top ten tips by Little pearls paediatric dentistry for optimal dental health for your child Click here to learn more about keeping your child’s teeth healthy

What is Root canal treatment 

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure performed by an Endodontist at Little Pearls when the involvement the carious lesion enters the root of the tooth & needs to be treated with root canal therapy as soon as possible. It is generally performed to relieve pain which commonly seen in many dental patients. Pain relief is achieved when axis opening is performed as it reduces inflammation or infection that occurs during the infection. Antibiotics & pain killers are prescribed after this procedure to control the infection and dental pain. 

Dental Stem Cells are found in the pulp chamber of your kid’s teeth. They are especially found in abundance in the milk teeth and the wisdom teeth. The stem cells that are located in the tooth are called mesenchymal cells. These stem cells collected by a dental pediatrics team are used to regenerate, organs and tissues in the later stages of life if needed. Thus preserving them goes a long way in case of any close to a fatal condition. With the latest advances in dentistry and medical science, it is easy to extract and preserve these cells.

A pedodontist / kids dentist undergoes three more years of training during his/her postgraduation in M.D.S after completing five years of general dental care training during their B.D.S to handle and treat children. They are specially trained to provide painlessly and fear-free dental care for a child in a convenient ambiance. They also work with a pediatric orthodontist and a dental pediatrics team to provide orthodontic treatment for young kids. They are also fully equipped to handle any dental emergencies that might occur during or after pediatric dental treatment.

Pediatric orthodontics is a unique treatment involving preventive orthodontics, interceptive and early childhood braces for kids performed by a pediatric orthodontist. The cost can vary depending on the treatment plan and its duration. The cost ranges between 30000 rs to 60000 rs at little pearls pediatric dentistry and orthodontics dental clinic. Our cost-effective pricing for orthodontics goes a long way in making high-quality orthodontic care from our experienced orthodontists affordable to many parents.

A pediatric dental & orthodontic facility has a hospital free ambiance with a play area for kids. The pediatric dentists, pediatric orthodontist, and the staff are trained to handle kids. The dental chairs are equipped with state of the art instruments to perform painless dental procedures on kids.A pediatric dental & orthodontic facility has a hospital free ambiance with a play area for kids. The pediatric dentists, pediatric orthodontist, and the staff are trained to handle kids. The dental chairs are equipped with state of the art instruments to perform painless dental procedures on kids.

An Orthodontist is a dental specialist who undergoes 3+ years in the field of orthodontics which is a branch of dentistry treats patients with conditions such as crooked teeth which are also called dental malocclusions. An orthodontist will diagnose a case using study models and orthopantomogram which are very essential in deriving the right treatment plan for the patient. The department of orthodontics also includes dentofacial orthopedics involving the study and correction of any abnormalities in the growth phase of the dentofacial apparatus.

  1. Colgate junior for kids
  2. Sensodyne toothpastes sensitivity
  3. Pepsodent toothpastes
  4. Close up Toothpastes for fresh breath
  5. Himalaya herbals complete care with herbs
  6. Patanjali toothpastes with natural ingredients 
  7. Vicco turmeric toothpastes for gums
  8. Dabur toothpastes
  9. Oral B toothpastes
  10. Amway toothpastes for white teeth

At Little Pearls Orthodontics we provide – Metal Braces, Ceramic Braces, Invisalign, Self Ligating Braces & lingual braces Know More –

Braces cost in Bangalore

Little pearls orthodontic clinic offers affordable braces to align your teeth from experienced orthodontists. Our doctors include Dr Vani Jairaj M D S orthodontist with an experience of eight years and Dr Kiran who has an experience of six years in the field of orthodontics.

Metal Braces stars from 32000 INR

Ceramic braces starts from Rs 38000 INR 

INVISALIGN clear aligners start from 1.5 Lakh Rupees 

The treatment charges may vary depending on the extent of malocclusion and duration of the orthodontic treatment.

What is Invisalign?

If you are considering invisible braces as an alternative to traditional braces, Invisalign is the way to go! These clear aligners are designed to straighten teeth without using any metal appliances to avoid all the fuss involved in dentistry. It has gained popularity in the field of orthodontics. Patients nowadays have many options apart from the unaesthetic metal braces. Invisalign is an appliance made of clear plastic aligners that go a long way in moving your teeth to a proper position. Candidates who feel opting for metal braces is a fuss can give invisalign a try! Even though the cost is a little higher compared to metal braces they are absolutely worth the money.

Pediatric dentists are specially trained in MDS which is a post-graduate programme in India to handle kids from early infancy to the age proceeding up to their teenage. They are specially trained for three years to administer dental and oral health care with respect to your child’s teeth.

Parents usually see the deciduous dentition (baby teeth) appearing in the oral cavity at about the age of six to seven months. The primary dentition usually exfoliates around the age of seven or eight to give way to the permanent dentition. Space maintainers can be placed by the pediatric dentists in case of early exfoliation to allow the permanent teeth to erupt in a proper direction. Comprehensive pediatric dental care for children is required for your child at this stage to prevent any caries or gum diseases.

Most of the kids will have a complete set of twenty milk teeth or deciduous teeth as pediatric dentists call them by the age of three years. When your kid turns four or seven years old, these milk teeth will start their shedding phase so that they can make way for the permanent dentition in the dental arch.  According to pedodontists your child’s milk tooth begins to form during the prenatal phase and in most don’t erupt until they sixteen weeks or till they are one year old. 

Many factors such as child-friendly ambiance, friendly staff & experienced pedodontists (dental child specialists) are some factors that lie in the core competencies of a pediatric dental clinic! Read more –

Being a parent, it is natural for you expect best of everything for your child. Honestly speaking, kids are your bundle of joy, right? From the finest of clothing to the best education and gadgets, patents try to provide them with everything great. Our pediatric dentists & orthodontists explain how early childhood braces can go a long way in helping your kids achieve an amazing smile with good oral health. Lean more –

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