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Dr Ramakrishna has a distinct experience of 12 years in the field of oral surgery. His approach to patient care is very clear and well defined.He enjoys everyday challenges of his job and it keeps him on his toes. He takes great pride in accommodating his patient’s busy schedule with their dental needs, because to him Patient care is priority!

MDS,MOI (U.S.A) (Oral , Maxillofacial Surgery & dental implantology).Dr .Ram’s association with Little pearls dates back to our establishing period and he co-exists with our team of proficient specialists giving their patients a premium class care and preference clubbed with the appropriate expertise in their respective fields.

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Wisdom teeth facts!

Wisdom teeth are one of the last ones to erupt in the permanent dentition. They are located in the posterior most position in the jaw. There are a total of . four wisdom teeth in ones mouth, two in the mandible and two in the maxillae. 

Wisdom tooth pain is common during its eruption and may subside or even on its own without any medications such as painkillers, but a few people find immense discomfort especially when the wisdom teeth don’t have enough place to erupt thus they opt for a de impaction treatment which is done by an oral surgeon.

Recurrent radiating pain in the back tooth region is symptomatic of wisdom tooth eruption and may last anywhere between few hours to few days. 

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