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LITTLE PEARLS ™ Prosthodontics
Affordable dentures in Bangalore
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Dr Pavan - Prosthodontist in Bangalore
Partial dentures & complete denture specialist.
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Below are few of the services provided by Dr Pavan ⬇

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Our complete denture is a full mouth false teeth restorations that replace all the missing teeth. Our Prosthodontist places all the false teeth on a denture base. The complete denture goes a long way in restoring the functional and cosmetic factors of the dental arch and the oral cavity as good as natural teeth.

Fixed partial dentures are designed by our prosthodontist is a restorative apparatus used to replace missing teeth or a individual tooth, it attaches the artificial tooth or teeth to the surrounding natural teeth. Fixed partial dentures also called a FPD are dental prostheses that are fixed or attached to the adjacent natural teeth or the roots of individual teeth.

A tooth implant is a fixed replacement for lost teeth which are supported on a titanium screw which is embedded within the jaw bone. A tooth implant is surgically placed by our prosthodontist and reinforced in the alveolar bone. Missing teeth usually make people conscious about their appearance while chewing food, speaking or smiling. Implants go a long way in restoring the dental functionality as well.

Removable partial dentures usually called RPDs are mounted on an acrylic base and are made to match the colour of the gums by our prosthodontist. It can be removed and worn by the patient easily after our instructions. Removable partial dentures are natural looking dental prosthesis that goes a long way in restoring the form and function of a single tooth or multiple teeth.

A dental bridge is a tooth replacement that restores the gap caused by the lost tooth / teeth. Our dental bridges consist of one or more dental crowns which replace the lost tooth or multiple teeth thus covering the gap. They are also called abutments and pontics designed by our prosthodontist that make up for the original tooth. They can be fabricated using gold, porcelain, metals or porcelain fused to metal. Dental bridges are supported by the surrounding natural teeth or dental implants.

False teeth are placed on a compete denture or partial dentures by our prosthodontist which are the crowns that restore function and aesthetics. All the procedures mentioned here consist false teeth.

Snap on or snap in complete denture or partial dentures are very different compared to a traditional complete denture or partial dentures. At Little pearls dentistry a snap on complete denture is usually a preferable option for those patients expecting a comfortable fit. Our prosthodontist at Little pearls dental clinics offer the snap on or snap in complete denture or partial dentures at affordable prices.

Flexible dentures are durable, light and flexible and are made very comfortable by the prosthodontist for our patients of all ages. At little pearls dentistry our dentists use advanced comfi-lytes complete denture or partial dentures which are the latest materials and look very aesthetic as well. Flexible dentures are resistant to stains thus increasing their overall life span! They are one of the best dentures available nowadays.

They are also called immediate complete denture or immediate partial dentures as they are delivered on the same day. These are preferred by many at Little pearls dentistry as they are tired and placed within a day when you have an appointment with the our prosthodontist. Immediate dentures include complete and partial dentures as well, which are placed and adjusted immediately after the extraction of the worn out or damaged natural teeth.

All ill fitting dentures usually cause wear and tear of the supporting oral soft tissue. At little pearls dentistry the complete denture or partial dentures repairing process involves rebasing and relining of the damaged dentures by the prosthodontist. This process avoids the necessity of getting a new removable complete denture or removable partial dentures starting from scratch all over again.The main aim of relining and rebasing is to restore the relationship of the worn out or damaged denture with the supporting oral soft tissue.

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