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OPG scan equipped

Little Pearls Orthodontics in equipped with a full mouth OPG scanning facility for high precision during your Orthodontic treatment.

An OPG Scan will enable your Orthodontist to see the complete panoramic view of your dental arch & the alignment of the roots & the integrity of the surrounding bone which is clearly visible in this radiograph. This helps your doctor with better treatment planning.

iTero Scan

3D iTero scan integrated with artificial intelligence shows the final treatment outcome even before we start!

The iTero3D scanner is one of the latest advancements in the field of dentistry. This scans the dental arches to give a precise 3D image & runs it throuh Artificial intelligence integrated ClinCheck software to simulate the tooth movements. This enables our orthodontist & the client to see the end result & time lapse of the tretament even before we start.

Easy Check-ups

Tooth movements are checked every month in accordance to the treatment plan. Components are tightened to facilitate precise tooth movements every 45 days.

Your orthodontic check-up will be scheduled on our internal treatment management software. This sends our patients a push notification when the Check-up with your doctor is scheduled every month one day prior. The Tray minder app given by our orthodontist also shows treatment progress & the due date for the routine check up.

Transparent Pricing

Metal Braces Starts From – 24000 INR

Ceramic Braces Starts From – 36000 INR

Little Pearls Orthodontics we believe in affordable treatment pricing which makes it easy on your wallet. The competitive pricing we have in now way means reduction in quality. Our doctors maintain the highest treatment & appliance quality as set by our orthodontic protocols.

Meet Our Specialist Doctors

At Little Pearls all our specialists are from the best dental colleges (top 5) in Karnataka & have at least 5 years of experience in their field of work and treat 200+ Orthodontic clients every year gaining immense chair side clinical knowledge as every human being has different teeth shapes & alignment.

Dr. Vivek Aithal MDS

Orthodontist & Invisalign Specialist (Silver medalist) 5 years experience

Dr. Vivek is an Orthodontist who has treated more than 200 orthodontic cases with braces & 22 cases with Invisalign during his years of practise at Little Pearls. He is a graduate from the RV dental college which is one of the best dental institutions in Karnataka. He believes in applying the latest appliances with interactive mechanisms that are known tho create faster & more precise tooth movements from American Orthodontics. 

Dr. Vani Jairaj MDS

Orthodontist & Invisalign Specialist 8 years experience

Dr. Vani is one of our senior Orthodontists & has treated about 300 cases with traditional & self ligating braces from the past six years at Little Pearls. She is also involved in academics and research in the department of orthodontics in the Oxford dental college & hospital.

Dr. Neeraja Raju MDS

Pediatric Dentist (University Gold medalist in BDS Under graduation) 26 years experience

Dr. Neeraja is an experienced pediatric dentist and has treated more than 8000 cases during her years of practise at Little Pearls Orthodontics. Her aim to provide the best pediatric orthodontics care to kids & teenagers. She was also involved as a professor in academics & research in many reputable dental institutions in Bangalore for more than two decades. She guides the other doctors and they function as a joint team to provide the best orthodontic treatments to all our clients at Little Pearls Orthodontics.

Orthodontist inBangalore - Advanced orthodontics clinic for braces and Invisalign. Pediatric orthodontist near me for kids

Dr. Kiran Kumar MDS

Orthodontist & dento facial Orthopedician 7 years experience

Dr. Kiran is a passionate orthodontist & has treated about 250 orthodontic cases at Little Pearls Orthodontics. He is actively involved in research with respect to in the field of Orthodontics. He also served as a lecturer in the department of Orthodontia at many reputable dental institutions for many years.

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Video Testimonials

Our orthodontic clients at Little Pearls share their experiences, the faces behind our treatment success!

Orthodontic Services

At Little Pearls we believe in providing the latest new age orthodontic appliances to ensure the highest quality treatment & precise tooth movements!

Advanced metal Self Ligating Braces from American Orthodontics

Self-ligating braces are a time tested appliance at Little Pearls. This type of orthodontic appliance has proven its credibility as they have actually been used by many reputed orthodontists since the late 1930s all over the world for orthodontic treatment. They became popular in India after the year 2000 especially in cities like Bangalore because of the reasons mentioned below.

  1. They have lesser chair side time and follow ups by your Orthodontist.
  2. The mechanism has lower fiction between the bracket & wire interface and cause lesser discomfort for the patient.
  3. The are easier on the surrounding soft tissue due to fewer components such as wires & elastics. This prevents any damage or lacerations to the surrounding soft tissue compared to regular braces.
  4. They are easier to brush, cleanse & clean.
  5. They conduct more precise tooth movements!

Your orthodontist at Little Pearls can apply interactive self ligating brackets which move the teeth faster thus reducing the treatment time! These are one of the most advanced types of dental braces.

Advanced Ceramic Self Ligating Braces From American Orthodontics

These have the same mechanism as the metal self ligating braces mentioned but are made of ceramic. The ceramic material matches the tooth colour thus making them less visible during the orthodontic treatment phase.

Regular Metal & Ceramic Braces From 3M Technologies

These are also called non self ligating braces or traditional metal or ceramic braces. They are one of the most affordable and time tested orthodontic treatment appliances which conduct the desired tooth movements starting at just 28000 INR at Little Pearls Orthodontics.

About little pearls invisalign bangalore

Invisalign Clear Aligners

If your are looking to correct crooked teeth or smile alignment without fixed, visible braces then Invisalign clear aligners will be the best option to choose from! They are Invisible, removable & comfortable & align your teeth two times faster! 

Invisalign clear aligners 

variants –

Invisalign Light – 10 to 15 sets of aligners to correct minor alignment issues.

Invisalign Moderate – 18 to 25 sets of Aligners to correct moderate alignment issues.

Invisalign Comprehensive – 26 to 45 sets of aligners to correct major alignment issues. Invisalign comprehensive also comes with a 5 year warranty & unlimited supply of trays during that timeframe! 

Invisalign also comes in single arch variants. The Invisalign cost in Bangalore India starts at just 94000 INR at Little Pearls Orthodontics. We at Little pearls have one of the most affordable & competitive pricing for Invisalign. We are at least 40% lesser than the regular market price thanks to our Silver certified Invisalign provider Dr. Vivek!

Incognito Braces

Incognito braces are a part of lingual orthodontics at Little Pearls and are placed behind your teeth causing the same movements. They are not visible from the anterior (front) aspect when you smile or speak!

Early Childhood Braces for Kids in Bangalore at Little Pearls Orthodontics.

Early childhood Braces for kids help in correcting many orthodontic issues your child might be facing. But correcting misalignments such as overcrowding & deep bites are not the only thing they do. In fact, there is so much more to them. Learn more – https://littlepearlsdentalcare.com/early-childhood-braces-for-kids/

Orthodontic braces Faqs

Dental braces cost in Bangalore can vary depending on many factors such as the experience of the doctor, equipment used, the type of Orthodontic appliance & the extent of the tooth movements.

At Little Pearls dental care we have affordable pricing with easy EMI –

Traditional metal braces – 25000 INR to 35000 INR

Regular ceramic braces – 35000 INR to 45000 INR

Myofunctional appliances start at 9000 INR

Metal self ligating braces from American Orthodontics – 65000 INR to 75000 INR

Advanced ceramic self ligating braces – 75000 INR TO 78000 INR

Lingual braces – 70000 INR to 90000 INR

Invisalign clear aligners – Starts from 92000 INR 

Early childhood braces in our pediatric dental clinic for kids starts at 26000 INR