Dr Vinayak Raghunathan M.D.S (Periodontist)

Dr Vinayak M.D.S – Periodontist & laser dentistry specialist in Bangalore

LITTLE PEARLS™ Periodontology
A permanent cure for gum disease!
LITTLE PEARLS™ Periodontology
A permanent cure for gingivitis!
LITTLE PEARLS™ Periodontology
A permanent cure for periodontal disease!
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Below are few of the periodontal treatments provided by Dr Vinayak

They include a  dental & oral check up followed by a X ray & a treatment plan consisting of a combination of the treatments mentioned below.

Its causes include tobacco and bad oral hygiene but hold on! There is a cure for gingivitis at Little pearls dental care! Any loss of the alveolar bone is usually slow and it may increase altogether due to many other factors. At Little pearls dental care we remove plaque that is usually the cause and plan a treatment which consists of diagnosis and restoration gingivitis as well.

Our periodontist has a cure for periodontal disease! Any loss of the alveolar bone is usually slow and it may increase altogether due to many other factors. At Little pearls dental care we remove plaque that is usually the cause and plan a treatment which consists of diagnosis and restoration of your gum health as well.

At little pearls dentistry we have a step by step approach for gum infections 1- Antibiotic Therapy: In case of any infections antibiotics such as Amoxicillin and clavulanic acid (Augmentin) are prescribed. 2 – This is followed by gingivectomy only if required and determined by our periodontist.

It goes a long way in preventing tooth loss that is detrimental to both your dental health and smile. Its controls gum disease and restores the oral health and damaged gums along with the surrounding tooth. Our gum surgical measures at Little pearls dentistry by our periodontist will perform Periodontal surgery which treats moderate to advanced cases which followed by preventive measures.

Gum surgeries in our practise include a combination of treatments such as gingivectomy, gingivoplasty and gingival Flap Surgery. Cosmetic gum contouring surgery restores your gums if you have little or too much of it while you smile.

Inflammation or swelling of your gums can be cause by many factors such as plaque, various medications, accumulation, mental stress, nutritional deficiency, cigarettes,  and is found usually in elderly people. Fighting the underlying cause is the first treatment protocol at Little pearls dentistry followed by a therapy including locally delivered agents and medications.

Getting rid of the debris and tartar build up around the involved teeth will help in the restoration of your gum recession. When you observe the signs of receding gums it needs to be treated immediately. For any mild recessions, our periodontist usually treats them using deep scaling and cleaning followed by root planing if required.

General measures include oral health care instructions and counselling for quitting smoking, brushing twice a day. Use fluoride toothpaste like clogate 12 and sensodyne. Using a therapeutic mouthwash with chlorhexidine such as colgate plax, deep cleaning with ultrasonic scaling done at Little pearls dentistry.

At Little pearls dentistry periodontal gum and teeth cleaning Prophylaxis includes a deep gingival cleaning procedure with a ultrasonic scaler which completely cleans the targeted periodontal area after any periodontal treatment is completed. It is a very important preventive dental procedure for stopping the progrss of any gum disease, gingivitis or any surrounding bone loss.

Our periodontist will plan a precise root planing procedure where your tooth’s roots cleaned, disinfected and scraped, followed by planing. In our practise root planing is a very important procedure which prevents many systemic health conditions as well. It’s cost effective and can be finished in two to three secessions. The root planing procedure is done under local anesthesia making it less cumbersome and painless for our patients!

Ultrasonic scaling is a treatment for our patients with gum disease. This procedure also goes a long way in removing stains, deposits & debris. It is a common type of dental & cosmetic cleaning procedure that goes underneath the gums to remove plaque and tartar buildup as well. This treatment is also commonly called deep cleaning. It is just a 30 minute procedure!

These are precisely embedded into the jawbone by our periodontist. Once the gum tissue has recuperated, a second medical procedure is expected to associate a post to the first titanium implant. The tooth is connected to the post-exclusively, or gathered on a denture providing a full mouth functional and cosmetic restoration.

Laser dentistry is a minimally invasive procedure when any gum surgery, periodontal treatment, or oral surgery is carried our. Our laser dentistry includes the latest dental lasers used efficiently by our experienced periodontist Dr Vinayak.

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