Early Childhood Braces for Kids

Early Childhood Braces for Kids in Bangalore at Little Pearls Orthodontics.

As a parent, it is natural for you to want the best of everything for your children. After all, they are your bundle of joy, right? From the finest of clothes to the best educational opportunities, you try to provide them with everything great.

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So when you discover that your little one is facing dental issues, it can be a good enough reason for you to worry about. But hey, there’s no need to get so nervous. Oral health problems are often treatable, and if your kid’s dentist has recommended you to visit a pediatric orthodontist, then it is in your child’s best interests to do the same as soon as possible.

The the Orthodontists would probably recommend getting braces to treat the common orthodontic issues your little one is facing. And trust us, it is completely normal if your kid needs early childhood braces. Nowadays many types of dental braces are available for kids which include metal, ceramic & Invisalign in Bangalore.

What is the right time to get early childhood braces?

According to pedodontics, treatment with dental braces starts when a kid has lost all or most of their baby teeth. However, it is best to seek guidance from your pediatric dentists as they would have all the right answers to your queries. There are many reasons why kids need early childhood braces. Let’s have a look at the most common ones. Your kids first visit to the pediatric dentist should be as early as the first teeth appear in the oral cavity.

Braces are believed to be the best way to treat malocclusions


crossbite is one of the most common reasons why younger children need braces.
Simply put, crossbite is a situation that affects how a person’s teeth are aligned. If someone has a crossbite, their upper and lower teeth do not align correctly; they are either closer to the cheek or the tongue. Braces are believed to be the best way to treat crossbites according to pediatric dentistry & orthodontics.

Underbites and Overbites

An underbite or an overbite commonly known as buck teeth, are both dental conditions in which either the lower jaw or the upper jaw is bigger than the other.

If the lower jaw is comparatively more prominent than the upper jaw, it is called an underbite. On the other hand, if the upper jaw is bigger, it is known as an overbite. Just like crossbites, both of these situations can be effectively treated by braces as well.

Overlapping Teeth

Overlapping teeth are just what the name itself suggests. It is a dental situation in which a certain tooth extends over the other or is positioned in front of a surrounding tooth on the same dental arch.

Overlapping teeth are not only uncomfortable, but they cause pain while chewing too. So if your kid is experiencing pain while they chew, we recommend that you get them checked by a pediatric orthodontist.

Thumb Sucking

Does your child have the habit of continuously sucking their thumb? While it is a common thing for toddlers to do, thumb sucking can become problematic if a kid over six years of age does that. It can cause issues related to jaw or teeth alignment and should be corrected as soon as possible.

Overcrowded Teeth

Overcrowded Teeth teeth correction using braces

Overcrowded teeth, also known by the name dental crowding, is a condition in which due to lack of space in the mouth, permanent teeth do not get a chance to grow in a straight direction. This situation arises when you have either smaller jaws or larger teeth.

Crooked Teeth

Both baby and permanent teeth can become crooked. While it is not much of an issue if baby teeth are misaligned, permanent crooked teeth do need orthodontic treatment. In this case, too, braces are proved to be the most effective solution.

Many of these orthodontic problems are often genetic, but some can also result from poor oral hygiene, accidents, or various dental infections. Depending on your child’s dental issue, the orthodontist would recommend the treatment. Usually, braces are the best and the most widely used solution for most orthodontic problems in children. Orthodontic care at Little pearls includes comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning protocols.

Read on to learn about the various benefits of early childhood braces for kids.

Benefits of Early Childhood Braces

Braces help in correcting almost all the orthodontic issues your kid might be facing. But that is not the only thing they do. In fact, there is so much more to them.

They Help in Boosting up Your Kid's Self-Esteem

Boosting up Your Kis's Self-Esteem

Let’s be honest, crooked and misaligned teeth do take a toll on a person’s self-esteem and self-worth. It makes them feel awkward and nervous. It is possible that your kid has low self-esteem and feels socially awkward due to their misaligned teeth. Pediatric dentists recommend wearing braces will help them in correcting these issues, giving your child the confidence to smile freely, a joy that everyone in the world deserves!

Improved Oral Health

Bacteria and plaque often find their way to crooked and overcrowded teeth as it is difficult to clean and brush them. As a result, your child’s oral health suffers badly.

  1. However, wearing braces solves this problem. Braces help properly align the teeth, which makes it easier for your child to brush and floss them, resulting in improved oral health and reduced visits to the dentist.  Braces helps in Correcting Speech problems as well, our dental care system for children at Little Pearls dentistry takes into consideration all the factors.

The gaps between teeth often become a reason for speech problems in children. Kids are very sensitive and when they find out that unlike other kids, they have issues with their speech, they may get overly conscious and nervous every time they speak, and this is in no way a thing that would want for your precious child. Braces fill up these gaps, enabling your child to speak in a clearer and much better way.

Makes Chewing Easier

With dental crowding and misaligned teeth, chewing becomes uncomfortable and painful. Most parents know how difficult it is to make your child eat their food anyway, and orthodontic issues make it even tougher. Due to painful chewing kids often try to avoid eating altogether and the lack of nutrition causes health issues.

Getting braces helps in aligning the teeth, making chewing easier and painless, as it should be. So instead of tolerating their meals, kids start to eat properly while actually enjoying their food, a thing that every parent wants!

Takeaways from early Orthodontic treatment

With that said, if your little one is experiencing any sort of oral health problems, we strongly recommend you to visit a pediatric orthodontist as soon as possible. It is always better to detect the issues and start the treatment early on.

Early childhood braces not only help in rectifying your child’s dental problems but having straighter teeth also boosts their self-confidence and gives them a chance to freely flaunt their beautiful and radiant smile in front of the whole world!

Invisalign early

  • Invisalign early are clear aligners for kids fabricated to treat a broad range of malocclusions from simple to complicated conditions, including overbites, crowding, and deep bites by an Invisalign certified Orthodontist in Bangalore

  • Invisalign clear aligners are removable transparent &  comfortable for kids to wear without any brackets or wires used by an Orthodontist. They are very helpful when it comes to dentistry for special kids as maintain oral hygiene is easier.

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