What is root canal treatment

What is Root canal treatment - By Little Pearls dental clinic Bangalore
What is Root canal treatment

By Little Pearls Dentistry

Root canal treatment is a dental procedure performed when the involvement of decay or caries enters the root of the tooth & needs to be addressed. It is generally performed to relieve pain. Pain relief is achieved usually when the first step called axis opening is performed as it reduces inflammation or infection that occurs during the infection.

The role of an Endodontist in Root canal treatments

The root canal treatment is performed by a dental specialist called an Endodontist who specializes in the field of Endodontics for three more years after general dentistry. The root canal procedure involves the removal of the infected pulp tissue followed by disinfecting the canal with sodium hypochlorite. This step is followed by the shaping of the canal walls to fill it with a biocompatible substance that completely seals the canal.

Advancements in 2020 in Root canal dental procedures

In 2020 the filed of endodontics has advanced and your dentist or endodontist will use rotary instruments that are absolutely flawless and way more comfortable for the doctor as well as the patient.

Root canal treatments generally take two to three sittings to complete. The first sitting usually involves an axis opening. The second sitting involves cleaning, shaping, sealing & a temporary filling. The dental crown is usually placed in the third sitting. Thanks to the advancements in dental technology single sitting root canal procedures are gaining popularity nowadays where all the steps are performed is one single appointment thus making it convenient for many.

Painless root canal treatments are possible in 2020, thanks to lasers in dentistry. Water lase is used which is highly effective & painless.

Advantages of saving your natural tooth with the root canal therapy

Avoids extraction

When the natural tooth can be preserved with endodontic procedures it helps prevent the extraction and replacement with an artificial tooth. Extraction space left for a long time might cause drifting of the adjacent teeth which might need correction with orthodontics.

Avoids dentures & dental implants

Dentures and implants can be expensive and nothing artificial can resemble a natural tooth when it comes to functionality, anatomy & biological mechanisms.

Biting & chewing

When a crown is placed after the root canal procedure it helps the patient bite and chews food since the dental occlusion with the opposite arch is preserved.

Prevents the damage to the surrounding teeth due to excessive forces

Forces are distributed equally on all the teeth and balances the distribution. This helps in providing the right oral & dental environment to restore and improve functionality.

Distributes the occlusal forces

The crown absorbs the occlusal forces and prevents the wear & tear of the adjacent teeth.

Restores Aesthetics & appearance

When anterior teeth are involved, root canal treatments can be followed by shade guides crowns to restore the appearance with respect to cosmetic dentistry.

Pediatric Endodontics

When a root canal treatment is performed on a child its termed as pulpectomy. This is performed by pediatric dentists as the anatomy of a child’s canal varies from that of an adult. The pediatric dentist usually checks for irreversibly infected or damaged pulp tissue before starting the procedure. Your kids dentist will make them feel comfortable in a warm and friendly ambiance as many kids are uncooperative when it comes to the root canal procedure as they are trained for three more years after general dentistry to handle kids. Pediatric dentistry for special kids might be challenging as might require measures such as sedation or GA before conducting the root canal treatment, especially on multiple teeth. Little pearls has experienced pediatric dentists in Bangalore to conduct flawless dental treatments.

Little Pearls Endodontics

Little pearls dental clinic has experienced Endodontists in Bangalore for root canal treatments. We perform single sitting and multiple sitting root canal treatments. The dental crowns offered at Little pearls dentistry include ceramic crowns, stainless steel crowns & zirconium crowns.

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