Tooth Mousse for Kids – Uses & Benefits

Tooth Mousse for Kids - Uses & Benefits for Pediatric dental care

Tooth Mousse for Kids: Uses & Benefits for Pediatric dental care

Tooth Mousse for Kids: Uses & Benefits for pediatric dental care. Article by experienced pedodontists at Little Pearls dentistry.

Tooth mousse is a relatively new oral hygiene product that comes with a formulation to restore healthy teeth and a bright smile.

Did you know that improper oral hygiene can not only damage your teeth but also give rise to various ailments and systemic diseases? Proper care should be taken care of teeth right after they erupt. Thus, you should help and encourage your kids to take care of their oral health by incorporating healthy habits in their hygiene regime like brushing twice daily and flossing so that they retain these habits when they grow up.

It has multiple benefits and is highly recommended by professionals working in Pediatric dentistry recommend tooth mousse as a preventive measure for tooth decay in children. If you are new to it and want to know more, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss what dental Mousse is, how it works and how it is beneficial. Let’s take a closer look.


Tooth Mousse: What is it?

Tooth Mousse: What is it?

Tooth Mousse is an oral hygiene product developed by the Melbourne Dental School, University of Melbourne. It is a foamy cream intended for topical use. Tooth Mousse is usually of two types: Fluoridated and Non-fluoridated Tooth Mousse. For instance, the general OTC tooth mousse available in the market does not contain fluoride. On the other hand, the GC Tooth Mousse Plus is infused with a fluoride compound to make the product more potent.

Tooth Mousse is made with casein (an essential milk protein). It also contains bone and teeth-strengthening minerals like calcium and phosphate. Tooth Mousses are available in a wide range of attractive flavors to make the product more palatable and desirable for kid’s use. The common tooth mousse flavours are melon, strawberry, tropical fruits, Tutti-Frutti, Mint, and vanilla.

Toothpaste and Tooth Mousse: How are They Different?

Tooth Mousse is often confused with ordinary toothpaste as they have a similar appearance and consistency. However, they are two very different products with distinct uses. They are also used in different methods.

Toothpaste is only used along with a toothbrush. The paste, when moistened and brushed on the tooth surface, produces a foam that helps clean food debris and microorganisms from the tooth and its surrounding structures. Toothpaste also contains mild abrasive agents that help to scrub away stains or plaque and polishes the tooth surface.

Tooth Mousse, on the other hand, should be applied to the tooth surface and does not contain any abrasive ingredients. It is intended to be left on the tooth surface after application and should not be rinsed off. As tooth mousse is made with milk protein, it can be swallowed without any harm. It is beneficial for infants whose teeth have just started to erupt. Parents can apply mousse on their teeth without worrying about the risks if they swallow it.

Uses of GC Tooth Mousse

Tooth mousse has a multitude of uses. It is enriched with calcium and phosphate compounds which helps to remineralize teeth when they start showing signs of incipient carious lesions. It helps replenish the lost calcium and phosphate from the mineralized tooth structures and helps repair various enamel and dentinal defects. Apart from these benefits, tooth mousse also has other uses:

  • It helps to prevent tooth sensitivity by blocking the exposed dentinal tubules.
  • It protects teeth from early childhood dental caries.
  • It helps neutralize the acid produced by plaque (mineralized layer of food debris) bacteria and reduces the risk of tooth decay.
  • It helps prevent tooth erosion
  • It helps restore the mineral balance in your mouth.
  • It is also an effective remedy for symptoms of Dry Mouth Syndrome.

Benefits of Tooth Mousse

The benefits of tooth mousse go beyond preventing dental decay and cavities. A few of them are mentioned below!

Tooth Mousse Helps Prevent Tooth Decay

Preventing tooth decay is one of the most important benefits of tooth mousse. Improper oral hygiene causes layers of food debris to build up on the tooth surface, which gets mineralized to form plaque. Certain harmful bacteria inhabit the plaque and produce acid that dissolves the mineralized tooth structures, leading to dental caries. Tooth mousse can help neutralize the acid, restore the mineral balance, and prevent tooth decay. 

Tooth Mousse Prevents Enamel Erosion

Individuals suffering from diseases like GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), experience frequent acid reflux. This acid can erode the enamel of the teeth, exposing the inner layers. Applying tooth mousse can help remineralize the worn-off layer of enamel and restore the eroded structures.

Tooth Mousse For Tooth Sensitivity

If your diet consists of high amounts of sugar and acidic foods, the enamel of your tooth wears off exposing inner layers. When it gets exposed to stimuli like cold and hot foods or beverages, or acidic or sweet food and drinks, you might feel an acute shooting pain. This pain is referred to as tooth sensitivity. Fluoridated tooth mousse such as GC Tooth Mousse Plus can help replenish the lost minerals in enamel and relieve tooth sensitivity.

What Is Tooth Mousse?

Many Pediatric dentists recommend including tooth mousse in your daily oral hygiene regime. It will help to strengthen the teeth and prevent tooth decay.

Tooth Mousse can also be used before certain dental procedures like Tooth Whitening and dental prophylaxis (professional tooth cleaning). It helps to reduce tooth sensitivity, which is a normal side effect of such dental procedures.

Tooth Mousse is also prescribed by many Orthodontists when kids are undergoing orthodontic treatment with dental braces. Braces applied during the orthodontic procedure make it difficult for your kid to brush their teeth properly. As a result, the risk of tooth decay increases which might require other dental treatments. Using tooth mousse reduces demineralization and improves remineralization of teeth, thereby reducing the risk of dental caries.

How to Use Tooth Mousse?

Many Pediatric dentists and Orthodontists recommend using tooth mousse at night- before bedtime after your kid has brushed and flossed their teeth. Take a small, pea-sized amount of tooth mousse using your clean finger or a cotton ball. Smear the mousse on the tooth surface and leave it overnight. It allows the mousse to stay in contact with the tooth surface for a longer time period.

The bottom line about tooth mousse

Tooth mousse is an effective oral hygiene product that helps to restore lost minerals in teeth and prevent tooth decay. As it is safe to swallow, tooth mousse is suitable for infants and toddlers, too. We hope this article has helped you grasp what GC tooth mousse is, its uses, and its benefits. You can include it in your oral hygiene regime as well as your kids’ to maintain strong and healthy teeth.

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