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Top 5 Benifits and Facts about Zebra teeth whitening charcoal powder by como usar!

What is zebra teeth whitening charcoal powder? Como usar.

Does teeth whitening with charcoal powder by como usar whiten your teeth? Yes in fact! Activated charcoal is its main composition. It’s a form of oxidised charcoal powder and is gaining popularity due to its teeth whitening properties. Discolouration is usually caused by smoking and stains are caused by consuming coffee.

One of the main advantages of using this product is that it contains very less harmful chemicals. Due to its natural composition it also restores the ph of your oral cavity. This can also help in preventing calculus, plaque and tooth decay.

The activated charcoal in the teeth whitening kit is the active agent. Thanks to its natural teeth whitening and polishing properties it restores your pearly white smile! It also strengthens the surface of the enamel.

It helps in the detoxification of your oral cavity as well. Organic charcoal is used by applying the powder on a wet tooth brush of the como usar and dabbing it to your teeth. This is followed by moving the brush or by the como usar or your index finger in a gentle circular manner. Please remember to rinse and spit it out after this process. Teeth whitening with activated charcoal can leave a bitter taste in your mouth if not rinsed post its use.

Top 5 benefits of activated charcoal in the zebra teeth whitening kit by como usar include –

  • Removes bad odour post eating. 
  • Controls Bad Breath (halitosis).
  • Remove dental Plaque. 
  • When used for cosmetic dentistry it naturally whitens your teeth for a beautiful smile. 
  • Prevents harmful pathogens by restoring the PH of your mouth! 

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