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State of the art, advanced dental implants at Little Pearls Dentistry by Dr. Vinayak Ragunathan M.D.S Pedriodontics (Dental Implant & Laser Dentistry Specialist) 

14 Years Experience. 

Professor at the Oxford Dental College & Research Center.

MDS Dental Implant Specialist

Your Permanent Replacement

Replace your lost tooth/teeth with our high quality titanium dental implants.

Highly Biocompatible

They are highly durable and osseo integrate with the underlying bone in a very short time resembling your natural tooth.

Absoloutely Painless

The dental implant procedures at Little Pearls Dentistry are performed under local anesthesia at Little Pearls making them abosolutely painless.


We have very competetive & affordable pricing at Little Pearls with respect to dental implants. Thanks to the perks & discounts we enjoy fro implant companies due to our bulk orders.

Experienced Implantologists

Our doctors have an experience of 10+ years in the field of dental implantology & perform hundreds of cases every year! Thay are also involved in research and teaching giving them immense knowledge in the field of dental implantology.

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About Little Pearls Dental Implantology

We are committed to providing a permanent solution to lost teeth

Little Pearls dental implant center was started in theyear 1992 with a clear goal in mind. Top notch, high quality, affordable dental implants form the best & highly experienced dental implantologists in Bangalore. We are one of the very few dental centers in Bangalore equipped with state of the art dental equippment such as an OPG (Orthopantamogrm) & dental lasers to asssure the best treatment quality when it comes to dental implants.

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